Pediatrics of Bartlesville, PLLC


COVID-19 office hours and protocols.
Phones will be on Monday-Friday starting at 8:30 am but closing times may vary daily due to patient volume as we try to stay open and serve the community during this time. We will see well kids in the morning and sick kids in the afternoon. Whenever possible only one person should accompany the patient.

During COVID-19 pandemic the Oklahoma State Department of Health recommends that routine vaccination, especially of infants, should continue.


Pediatrics of Bartlesville, PLLC is an independent pediatric practice in Bartlesville, Oklahoma with our two board-certified pediatricians, Linda Doyle, M.D. and Gopal Chandrasekharan, M.D.

We provide comprehensive medical care, immunizations, and preventive services for infants, children, and adolescents through college age. Office visits are scheduled by appointment only; sick and injured children are typically seen the same day you call. Each physician sees his or her own patients unless they are unavailable. We are accepting new patients from newborn to age 18.

It is recommended that our established patients seek an adult doctor once they are out of college.